Since opening in 1985, La Promenade has been producing and selling delicious gourmet food using only fresh ingredients.  We aim to take the work out of entertaining, because hosting shouldn't feel like a burden!  To accomplish this, we act as anything from simply food retailers to full-service caterers.


Our cuisine focuses on providing quick and easy homemade alternatives to shopping from the frozen aisle at the grocery store or picking up expensive and underwhelming take-out.  We have freezers in our retail shop stocked with our most popular entrées and sides, irresistible hors d'oeuvres, comforting soups, and even our beloved desserts.

In addition to our freezer-to-table selection, we have unique menus for various holidays throughout the year.  Whether you need help supplementing your famous Thanksgiving turkey with sides or just don't feel like cooking for once, we're here to help make your holidays seamless and special!